Princeton Presidential Election

A Sample Client built on the DeVote Platform

Why DeVote?

DeVote's unique use of blockchain technology provides a myriad of benefits over convential voting systems.


Based on Ethereum blockchain technology, each vote is perfectly secure.

Authenticated and Anonymous

A rare combination. Thanks to Ethereum, users can be authenticated and all transactions are anonymous.

Open Source Tallying

Code for vote counting is public and secure, leaving zero room for election fraud.

Efficiency is King

Harnessing the computational power of every node on the Ethereum network, sending in votes and tallying the total has never been faster.

Easy-to-Edit Framework

The DeVote smart contract is easy to modify and deploy. By changing a few lines of code, you can host a vote for any website, any election, and any client.

Complex Code, Simple Interface

Despite the complexity of executing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, DeVote's simple interface makes this powerful technology accessible to anyone.

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